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TACT Governance

Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust (TACT) is an impartial not for profit Afghan national NGO/CSO which is free from linguistic, ethnic, tribal, religious, and political affiliations and prejudices. TACT was founded in 2010 by a group of professional and intellectual Afghans who devoted most of their time in serving the Afghan people in the contexts of education, healthcare, peacebuilding, child protection, youth empowerment and humanitarian assistances in Afghanistan. 

The organization has extensive experience and expertise in protection programming.

Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust - TACT is a national NGO/CSO and as such is bound primarily with the terms of its articles of constitution. TACT filed its articles of incorporation with the Ministry of Economy in May 05, 2012. The organization is managed by its Board of Director, Executive Director and Deputy Director of the organization. 

The Board of Directors of TACT nongovernmental organization (NGO) are a consortium of people who have been selected to ensure organization stays aligned with the mission and to proffer advice to management.

Ms. Ferishte SamaChairwoman                   
Dr. Shogofa Wafadar(Member)
Dr. Bahadur Safi(Member)
Mr. Nasrullah Walizadah(Member)
Dr Abdulhaq Niazi(Member)