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Education and Literacy Programme

Throughout this project, some 1,000 adults (boys, and girls aged over 15 years old) will benefit from General and Basic literacy courses facilitated by local literacy facilitators in 67 hard-to-reach villages of Mandol, Kamdish, Barg-e-matal, and Waygal districts of Nuristan province where the illiteracy rate is very high. 

In the continuation of preparations for the implementation of UNESCO Kabul Office funded project of the “provision of Basic General Literacy - BGL courses for youth and adults) in four districts of Nuristan province, the written exam for the recruitment of literacy teachers in Nuristan province accomplished on 29 November 2022. It is worth mentioning that the local people, community elders, religious leaders, officials of the education department in Nuristan province, especially the directorate of education, the directorate of finance and administration affairs of the Nuristan province governor, the director of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs and other officials had active participation in transparent conduction of thar exams. Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust is grateful for the efforts and support of the mentioned communities.

Ms. Nasima Shafiq Sadat, Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust (TACT) Organization’s Education Master Trainer during training for female literacy facilitators in the Basic General Literacy (BGL) program.