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Provision of Child Protection life-saving services and immediate humanitarian support to children and their communities in Khost province. | Details

Start Date: 2022-09-01
End Date: 2023-08-31
Funded By: UNICEF
Field: Child Protection
Implementation Location: Bak, Jaji Maidan, Nadir Shah Kot, Spera, and Terezayi Districts of Khost Province

The project is designed to address the immediate humanitarian needs of children in five districts of Khost province through the provision of Core Child Protection Activities. The main Child Protection interventions within this project include; the provision of psycho-social support services, recreational activities, and informal education through the establishment of Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS), provision of awareness raising and positive parenting sessions to parents/caregivers of affected children, awareness raising on child rights, child protection, and mental health through Community Dialogues, Radio and TV programs, capacity building and mentoring of child protection workers and staff from other sectors on the norms and standards of child protection and to adapt new tools and working modalities, including PSS, Caring for Child Survivors (CS) of SGBV Case Management, PFA, and health messages, identification and registration of children with protection needs through the provision of case management, including alternative care, family tracing, and reunification, and integrated psychosocial support along with referrals service to specialized service providers, strengthening community based child protection networks and establishment of five children playgrounds.