Women Rights

The expected centers are to improve the capacity of unemployed Afghan women and Youth entrepreneurs’ access to finance which would contribute to broader development of the sector and the economy as a whole. Youth unemployed in Afghanistan face significant constraints in terms of business and financial management capacities; as such this component will aim to develop capacity for participating women unemployed willing to become self-employed and run their own small businesses.
The regular training program would focus on unemployed educated youth (jobseekers) to find a job or establish their formal businesses but lack the knowledge of business ventures and or lack necessary skills such as basic management, sales & marketing, supervision, financial literacy and so to find a proper job for livelihood and support of their families.

In Afghanistan the free market has left many Afghan youth jobless making them use in the informal sectors run by the enemies of the country. Young unemployed men are targets of either the poppy growers or illegitimate purposes.

The emerging free market economy in Afghanistan has not provided the jobs needed for women and men. There are also those who are displaced due to lack of work. In an Oxfam survey when asked about the unemployment from 700 afghan participants, 17% stated that they are currently thinking of leaving the country. Another UNCHR study shows that around 5% of young unemployed Afghan men migrate to the neighboring countries, Europe, Australia, and United States to escape unemployment and poverty. The remaining 35% of jobless youth who can’t afford to leave the country remain jobless or relocate within Afghanistan. They are either targeted by the opium poppy producers and or involve in illegal circumstances.
Therefore, Implication of high unemployment in Afghanistan is destructive for its economy and domestic security conditions. Lack of jobs in the country have led thousands of young Afghan men migrating to the neighboring countries, where they are abused, exploited, tortured and humiliated by their employers. Labor migration has possibly created a remittance dependent economy.