From Words to Action

Promoting Government Accountability through Civil Society Actors Project is implemented by Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust – TACT which aims to track, monitor, advocate and raise public awareness about the promises made by the NUG of Afghanistan during the presidential election.

Presidential Election in Afghanistan

TACT an active member of ACSEN has the opportunity to take part in the observation of ballot audit process of Afghanistan’s Presidential run-off election. The United Nations and EU election experts along with the Afghan electoral authorities are working hard and thoroughly in safeguarding the integrity and importance of the process which is to be highly appreciated by the Afghan nation.


The United Nations Volunteers Field Unit (UNV-FU) and Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust (TACT) has jointly conducted its first orientation/workshop titled “An Introduction to Online Volunteerism in Afghanistan” for the Afghan local –not for profit NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kabul province.

Women Rights

TACT is planning to establish Women’s Training Centers in Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif - an effective method to facilitate youth unemployment enhance their skills and to find a job or become self-employed and develop their owned SMEs. It is expected that the knowledge unemployed women gain during the program will allow them to learn market- demand skills, develop their carrier or own a small businesses for efficiently using their limited resources and or loans they may acquire from financial institutions and banks.

Unity through Sport

TACT is devising to promote peace through sport competition tournaments in some major cities/provinces throughout the country. The Afghan’s Peace Tournament (APT) will be conducted in several large cities and TACT will keep the process going to contribute in a sustainable peace process through supporting sport events in Afghanistan.

TACT’s Media

TACT has recently registered MRASTA (Help) FM radio station in Nangarhar province and MRASTA monthly magazine with The Afghan ministry of Information and Culture for the purpose of using media as a development tool, To change the “passive culture” primarily amongst women by making them learn to secure their existence in the social economical environment in AFGHANISTAN and play their active role in future leadership and nation building.