Citizen Peacebuilding Program

It is undeniable that, in Afghanistan, there is a gap between the population and the government representatives. The later ones are disconnected and have an unrealistic conception of society and don’t necessarily answer to the needs of the population. Corruption is also an underlying problem.

We understand that there is no regular dialogue between the population and the government. This lack leads to irrelevant measures or to no measures at all. Our program specifically targets these issues.

CPP is to promote citizen education, action and research about Urban Peacebuilding Initiatives. We engage communities to enhance the role of citizen peacebuilding locally. We conduct training workshops and organize services and learning opportunities where there is a need for peacebuilding.

We believe people of all different colors, races, religions, creeds, beliefs, and opinions can live together in peace. We believe that it is natural to love, and that we can turn the “other” into our brother or sister.